Newsletter 14-02-2023

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Updates of the month! 

New: Automatically occupy workplaces 

New: Improved navigation on mobile

New: Easily switch between your office Floor-plan and the Control Centre 

Automatically occupy workspaces

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For all users

“I want FlexWhere to automatically change my desk reservation to red when I am in the office, without me having to do anything” – FlexWhere User.

You asked, we listened. The desk you booked will be occupied as soon as you enter the office (the yellow desk will turn red automatically). This helps users by reducing the number of clicks to occupy a workplace and increasing the accuracy of occupancy statistics in the Control Centre.

Available on: FlexWhere for Desktop (Windows, MAC)

Improved navigation bar

For all users

We strive to have the most user friendly application for our users so that they can work better together by seeing when their team are in the office, and knowing they have a space to work; that’s why you’ll notice some gradual changes to the look of FlexWhere over the coming months. In this release, you’ll see we improved the design of the navigation bar, from more structured and static to a cleaner and modern look.

Available on: FlexWhere for Mobile

Switch easily between floor plan and Control Center

For Admins

Quickly and easily switch between the Floor-plan and Control Centre. Tap the settings icon and then “Control Centre” – it’s that simple!

Available on: Web

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