A much requested feature from our customers has gone live; Labels.

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Labels can begin to be assigned to workstations, parking spaces and meeting rooms. The convenient thing about this is that multiple labels can be linked. For example, if you want to reserve a workstation with two monitors, a docking station and stand-sit function, you can find exactly those that meet these requirements.

Because multiple labels can be added to a workspace, it is no longer possible to make it visible by an icon or color. Instead, we have added a filter where all labels within your organization can be seen. By clicking on labels you want to search for, only those workplaces, meeting rooms and/or parking spaces will be highlighted that match them.

This looks like this;

When you click on “Search by label(s),” you will see a list of all available labels. You can select more than one.

If you want to remove a selected label again, click the cross behind the selected label. If you want to delete all selected labels at once, click reset;

You can also see what labels a workspace has by hovering your mouse over the spots;

Adding labels can only be done by users with the Admin role, through the organization’s Control Center.

On the floor plans, labels can be added for workstations, parking spaces and meeting rooms, up to five per property. To do this, select one of these places and then go to the “features/labels” tab;

All labels already associated with the place are shown in a list and can be removed again by clicking the cross behind them. If you click on “add labels(s),” you will see a list of the labels that already exist, for quick and easy addition. If you want to add a new label, just type in the text, then press enter and that will be created and saved as a new label;

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