Newsletter 20-01-2023

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Updates from this month

New: editing multiple objects in the Control Center

New: availability status for all users

New: NPS survey for all users

New: Microsoft Teams link added to user profiles

Tip: book times added to all profiles

Editing multiple objects from the Control Center

For all Admins and Super Admins.

For faster and easier editing in the Control Centre, you can now add or remove labels for multiple objects simultaneously. This also applies to object removal.

Available: Control Center [Admin panel]

Availability Status

For all users

Among other things, FlexWhere is used by our users to find office colleagues. To reinforce this, we have added users’ availability status to user profiles. This means that when you search for a colleague, you can clearly see through their profile whether they are in the office, have a desk reserved or are unavailable, as illustrated in the image above.

Available: Web, Mobile and in TrayApp

NPS Survey

For all users

We strive every day to make FlexWhere even more enjoyable and useful to use. That’s why you might see a pop-up for a short survey. We are very eager to hear your feedback. How likely would you be to recommend us to a friend? Your feedback helps us improve our application and create more satisfied users.

Available: Web, mobile and in TrayApp

Microsoft Teams link added to user profiles

For all users

Call your colleagues easily from FlexWhere. How this works. You search for your colleague in the search function and then click on the “Microsoft Teams” icon, see image above. You will be redirected to Teams for easy virtual communication and collaboration.

Available: Web, mobile and in TrayAp

TIP: Book times added to all profiles

For all users

See what time period your colleagues have reserved a desk in the office for. With this enhancement, you can see when a desk becomes available again and until what time your colleagues have reservations. Suppose, for example, you wish to speak to them quickly before they leave the office. Handy huh? You will find this feature when you search for a colleague in his or her user profile.

Available: Web, mobile and in TrayAp

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