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Why can’t I be found?

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A user in FlexWhere cannot be found for several reasons.

  • The user chooses to be anonymous.
    When the ‘hide me’ feature is selected by a user, the user cannot be found. This feature is only available in the FlexWhere for Desktop application. If this setting is set in the Desktop application, it will also affect how the user is seen in the Mobile application.
  • Data has not been entered.
    When the user’s first, last and display names are not filled in, the user will also be displayed as anonymous.
  • The user is not included in the Active Directory.
    If a user is not in his/her organization’s Active Directory or CSV file, this user will not be visible in FlexWhere. Your organisation’s FlexWhere administrator can verify that.
  • All users are anonymous.
    In the Control Centre, each organisation can change the setting (show users) with regard to anonymity.

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Updated on 25-02-2022

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