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What does FlexWhere’s implementation process look like?

As soon as your organisation has chosen FlexWhere, a Dutchview product, the implementation process begins. The process consists of five steps. Our implementation manager guides every step of the way.

The first step is a meeting with our implementation manager.

The following matters are discussed in the orientation meeting:

  • The technical operation of FlexWhere;
  • Orientation with regard to the IT infrastructure;
  • Setting up the FlexWhere environment.

During the orientation meeting, you will receive an explanation of the information required to start the implementation. It is then about:

  • Maps of your location(s);
  • A list of users;
  • Logos and images of your buildings;
  • A list of devices.

When you have completed the above list, it is time to go to step 2.

In step 1, the necessary information was exchanged between your organisation and Dutchview. The focus of step 2 is on the floor plans of your location(s).

As soon as all maps of your location(s) have been received, we will get to work. The drawing will be converted to svg format. This is done by our draughtsmen. The end result is placed in your FlexWhere environment.

After the floor plans have been loaded, it is time to place the workstations. Your organisation can do this very easily in the Control Center of FlexWhere.

FlexWhere can help with the placement of the workspots. Please contact our support team for this.

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In step three, the focus is on the users and devices.

FlexWhere administrators within your organisation can easily add users and devices themselves. Read the articles below:

How do I add users?

How do I add devices?

In the first three steps of the implementation, your FlexWhere environment took shape. In step 4, it is time to introduce FlexWhere to your employees.

You then determine the best way to roll out our applications. Our implementation manager helps with this.

What is FlexWhere for Desktop?

What can the mobile application do?

How do I connect the Meeting Room app?

The final step of the implementation is commissioning and the handover to our support team.

The implementation is concluded with a meeting with our implementation manager. Together you assess the steps that have been taken. There is also room for questions that may still be open.

After the interview, the implementation is ready. Our implementation team transfers your organisation to our support team.

From that moment on, you can contact our support staff with all your questions about FlexWhere.

Updated on 13-04-2021

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