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How do I set an end time for a booking?

When making a booking, it is possible to set an end time. Booking a workspace is done via the FlexWhere mobile application.

Here’s how it goes.

  1. Open the FlexWhere application;
  2. Select the correct location;
  3. Go to the correct floor;
  4. Find the workspace you want to book;
  5. Press the workspace;
  6. Press ‘Custom booking’;
  7. Select the start time of the booking on the correct date;
  8. Select the end time of the reservation on the correct date;
  9. Press ‘Book’ to finalise the booking;
  10. The workspace is now booked for you at the specified time.

Pay attention: By default, the end time of a booking is 30 minutes later than the start time.

Updated on 13-10-2021

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