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How do I book for a colleague?

Booking for a colleague is reserved for the Desk Planner role. An employee in this role can do this as follows.

  1. Open FlexWhere for Desktop;
  2. Select the correct location;
  3. Go to the correct floor;
  4. Click on the desk you want to book;
  5. Give the booking a recognisable name;
  6. Select when to make the reservation;
  7. Indicate whether you want this as a repeated booking;
  8. Click on ‘book’;
  9. Your booking is now complete.

Note: If you want to cancel a booking for a colleague, go to ‘My bookings’. Here you can see an overview of all your bookings. Here you can click on ‘Cancel’ per booking. It is currently not possible to cancel reservations made by others.

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Updated on 26-07-2021

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