How do I add users?

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In FlexWhere, users can be added by an administrator. Adding users can be done in the Control Centre.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Sign in to FlexWhere Control Centre;
  2. Go to the Users menu;
  3. At the top right of the screen, click the ”+” and add user list;
  4. Select the appropriate CSV file containing new users;
  5. The list of new users is now loaded.

The CSV file must meet the following requirements and contents:

Field NameMandatory FieldsMin. CharactersMax. CharactersData typeExample
CSV_DISPLAYNAMEYes220AlphanumericJansen, Jan
CSV_PHONENo220Numbers and Special characters(+,-,(,) etc)+3120123456
CSV_MOBILENo220Numbers and Special characters(+,-,(,) etc)+3165123456
CSV_EMAILYes2NvtStandard formatj.jansen@flexwhere.com
CSV_EHBONo111 of 01
CSV_BHVNo111 of 00
CSV_PROFILEPHOTONo5500Hyperlink of bestandsnaamjanjansen.jpg

Note: When a CSV file is imported, the new user list is based on the CSV file. Users who do not appear in the CSV file will be removed from FlexWhere.

  1. Sign in to FlexWhere Control Centre;
  2. Go to the Users menu;
  3. Click on the ‘+’ at the top right;
  4. Fill in the information for the new user;
  5. Click save;
  6. The new user is now created and can now use FlexWhere.

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Updated on 05-09-2022

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