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How do I activate a docking station?

A docking station can be activated in FlexWhere by IT staff from your organisation in the Control Centre under Setttings. As soon as a laptop is connected to an activated docking station, the workstation where the docking station is located will automatically turn red in FlexWhere.

The moment you remove the laptop from the docking station, the workstation turns green again. FlexWhere for Desktop will now ask laptop users to indicate which workstation they are located at.

Activating a docking station works as follows:

  1. Log into FlexWhere’s Control Centre;
  2. Go to the ‘Settings’ menu;
  3. Go to the tab ‘Organisation’;
  4. If applicable, select the appropriate organisation;
  5. Under FlexWhere for Desktop, enable ‘Docking stations MAC prefixes’;
  6. Enter the prefix of the MAC address of the docking station;
  7. If necessary, add additional prefixes of MAC addresses separated by a comma;
  8. The changes are saved automatically.

Updated on 15-06-2021

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