Upgrade to FlexWhere for Desktop 2.0 for better security

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The development of FlexWhere continues steadily. Besides user-friendliness, security always has our attention. Therefore we introduce FlexWhere for Desktop version 2.0. This version is not only more secure but also makes it easier for functional administrators to maintain. Please install this version as soon as possible.

What was safe yesterday may no longer be the case today. Security is not about grand gestures, but about good principles and continuous maintenance. With ever-so-small adjustments, we stay up to date. One of the changes is that we no longer work with flw3.nl in the background, but only with flexwhere.com. This old URL flw3.nl has been phased out for some time now and will no longer work on 1 October.

This constant attention to security also creates opportunities for usability. Our mission is to make work easier. Also for administrators of the software. That’s why we made the installation dynamic.

Automatic dynamic installation

When installing, FlexWhere makes an automatic call to our server. Based on the IP address in our whitelist, we know which organisation the device belongs to and therefore which URL is required. Therefore no extra steps are needed to convert flw3.nl to flexwhere.com: upgrading to version 2.0 is sufficient.

For VPN users, it is important to put the additional URL https://client.flexwhere.com in the list of URLs that should run through the private connection. Otherwise, the user connects to an IP address that is not known to us. If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

For the vast majority of organisations and users, it is no longer necessary to modify a configuration file from FlexWhere 2.0. With a few exceptions: These include users who work at multiple organisations or multiple organisations with one common IP address.

Download the latest versions of FlexWhere for Desktop.