Update FlexWhere for Desktop today

Hackers are constantly lying in wait. To stay ahead of them, we are constantly updating our software. It is therefore crucial that organisations use only the most recent version of our software. Therefore, starting January 15, only the most recent version of FlexWhere for Desktop (formerly: TrayApp) will work. It is currently 1.1.4. If your organization is still working with an older version, start rolling out the update today.

Screenshot Logo FlexWhere

FlexWhere for Desktop is software in the FlexWhere ecosystem. The software package reads data from a PC or laptop that is required for the operation of FlexWhere. This tray icon is not mandatory for FlexWhere, but it is an important part of the ecosystem. Besides the exchange of data, FlexWhere for Desktop provides the user with quick access to the functionalities of FlexWhere.

FlexWhere for Desktop deploys the encryption protocol Transport Layer Security (TLS). We currently support versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and higher. Versions 1.0 and 1.1 are considered unsafe by the Dutch government and others. The site www.internet.nl therefore issues a warning if the test finds TLS 1.0 and 1.1.

TrayApp versions lower than 1.1.4 will be disabled

Because TLS version 1.0 and 1.1 are unsafe, we will stop supporting them. Older versions of FlexWhere for Desktop cannot handle the secure TLS version 1.2 and above. That’s why we are permanently deactivating these older versions from 15 January onwards.

We will also be simultaneously phasing out the domain flw3.nl. This domain may still occur in the config file FW.Client.exe.config. If the TrayApp is updated anyway, it is wise to replace entries with flw3.nl with flexwhere.com in this config file.

Better support for Citrix and VMware

Much improved security is not the only new feature in TrayApp. Over the past year, we have added a lot of new features. The TrayApp now supports the widely used User Principal Name (UPN), the software works even better with Citrix and VMware, and usernames are automatically assigned. Many small improvements have also been made.

All the more reason to quickly roll out version 1.1.4 in your organisations. TrayApp is available for Windows and Apple. Incidentally, the Apple version will be radically revamped shortly.

Download the most recent version of TrayApp today.

Updates in FlexWhere for Desktop (MS-Windows)

Release monthVersionFeature
2020-101.1.4– Support for special characters (such as é) in the username;
– FlexWhere for Desktop comes to the forefront when opened;
– Security: FlexWhere for Desktop also works with TLS1.2 and higher;
– In addition to the version number, the OS is also sent to the Control Centre.
2020-071.1.3– Support for User Principal Name (UPN) username;
– FlexWhere for Desktop automatically determines the username, setting in Control Centre is no longer necessary.
2020-031.1.2– TrayApp resumes operation after the Internet connection is lost.
2020-031.1.1– Predefined types, such as windows, vmware, vmwaremac;
– Inactive MAC addresses are also sent to FlexWhere. So it doesn’t matter anymore whether a network cable is connected to the docking station or not; So it doesn’t matter anymore whether a network cable is connected to the docking station or not;
– Workstation is also requested after laptop has come out of hibernation;
– Better VMware support in case of concurrent users.
2019-– Better Citrix support in case of concurrent users.
– Predefined citrix type;
– Version number of FlexWhere for Desktop visible in Control Centre.