Perfect scores on security sites

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Besides ease of use, security has always been a major concern in FlexWhere’s development. This This is a perpetual task for all our developers as well as our UX designers. An in-house security officer also hawkishly monitors our security. That is why we are proud to have received a perfect 100% score on and an A+ on SSL Labs by Qualys.

Individual incidents can never be entirely ruled out, but we do make it as difficult as possible for those with malicious intent to steal data. We do this by continually scrutinising our internal processes, steering user behaviour towards security, taking privacy as our principle point of departure, testing thoroughly and using internal and external security tools.

There are many tools we can use to assess our security. For example, we have earned a perfect 100% score at for our customer websites. This is an important website on which providers, companies registering domain names and the Dutch government collaborate to create a safer Internet. The international SSL Labs run by Qualys awarded our customer sites with their highest score of A+.

Of course, we won’t rest on these laurels, as there are many security features we could still introduce. New recommendations are added daily and we are constantly working behind the scenes to improve security.