Newsletter 28 February 2022

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FlexWhere Update

Welcome to this newsletter. In this edition:

  • NEW! Booking via Web
  • Mandatory update: FlexWhere for Mobile
  • NEW! List of employee availability

NEW! Booking via Web

Bookings can now also be done via the Web.

This includes booking a desk as well as booking a parking space.
This also applies to group bookings if the user is a Desk Planner or Admin.

It works exactly the same as on the app:
Book from anywhere. Easy and in just a few clicks!

Learn how to book via Web

Mandatory update: FlexWhere for Mobile

On the app, you may have seen a notification to update. This is another reminder to do so.
FlexWhere is on top of security, and we are always finding ways to stay ahead and improve.

That is why we are urging all users to update the app before 3-3-2022.

After that date, the older version of the app will no longer work.
Users in this situation get a notification in the app to upgrade.

See latest version here

NEW! List of employee availability

As of now, it is even easier to find colleagues!

FlexWhere gives a list overview of employee availability.
All known users can be found on this list, marking who is
available, not available, or working externally.

Users who are anonymous are not on this list.

Learn how to view the list

FlexWhere is working tirelessly to support safe working environments in the new normal. Hearing from you about how your organisation is going about this and what we can do to continue supporting you is highly valuable to us and appreciated.

Kind regards,
FlexWhere Team
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