Logging into Control Centre is now done with multifactor authentication (MFA)

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Admins and managers please note: Logging into the Control Centre of FlexWhere is now only possible with multifactor authentication (MFA). This is done with an SMS code sent to your mobile phone. Login to the Control Centre is now done using your e-mail address. We have disabled username logins.

Security must always be paramount. In this regard, we are striving for a balance between ease of use and online security. Major hacks and identity theft are unfortunately the order of the day. That is why we are forced to take these measures.

With MFA for admins and managers, we will be able to prevent malicious access to FlexWhere through stolen passwords. And we’re not alone in this: more and more large organisations are setting MFA as their standard. Like Google and Facebook.

Additional security when logging in

MFA or 2FA (two-factor authentication) adds additional security to the login process. The user logs in as usual with e-mail address and password. But the user proves in an alternate way that he/she has a right to access the environment. For example, with a code.

The user receives this code via mobile phone, a special authentication app or a physical device such as the Rabo Scanner from Rabobank or the e.dentifier from ABN-Amro.

Codes are sent via SMS

In the case of FlexWhere, you will receive the code by SMS. So make sure your phone number is known in the Control Centre. This can be done by clicking on the user list in the Control Centre. If you have linked a database, your phone number must be in it.

Always be sure to fill in your country code! For the Netherlands this is +31. The code will remain valid as long as you have logged in again within 30 days. To be clear: We will only use your phone number for MFA.

More security options available

The mandatory MFA for the Control Centre is the minimum requirement. For instance, if you want your employees to register for FlexWhere for Mobile via MFA, turn on TOTP. This can be done in Settings.

We also offer the option that employees must have a mandatory PIN to use FlexWhere for Mobile.

If you are considering other, more stringent security measures, please let us know. We’d be happy to come up with ideas with you.