FlexWhere even more visible on the desktop

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FlexWhere’s system tray icon, TrayApp, has been greatly improved. Two new features include support for VMware and the way MAC addresses are recognised. The TrayApp is also easier to manage for ICT employees. FlexWhere users will find that the switch between laptop and desktop works even better now.

We added the system tray icon to FlexWere a few years ago. The system tray icon makes it remarkably simple for employees to indicate where they are, and how they can locate their colleagues and find a meeting place. Clicking on the icon in the Windows program bar, or at the top of the screen on Apple computers, FlexWhere is displayed directly on the desktop or laptop.

Being able to sign in quickly and find colleagues quickly is crucial for agile organisations using Desk Sharing. An available meeting room or empty seat is quickly found with a click of the TrayApp.

Employees who work on a laptop can quickly indicate where they have found a workplace. Whether they are working in the building or externally. All work zones are also available from TrayApp.

Would you like to work undisturbed for a while? The TrayApp is ideal for employees who want to continue working for a while. If the organisation has chosen to do so, the TrayApp offers the option of hiding yourself in the personnel overview. This functionality was already available, but has been improved.

The TrayApp can also play a vital role during incidents. With a push of a button, FlexWhere shows where FAFS officers are located.

The TrayApp isn’t the only thing that’s been modified for the release of FlexWhere at the end of April 2020. The work zone is new, just like the beta switch. Read all the release notes.