Book up to a month in advance and repeat bookings

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Every organisation is different and so the wishes for booking a workspace also differs. That is why we have added more options to FlexWhere. The changes will be released on August 31.

It was already possible to book a workspace 24 hours in advance. We are extending that term. From 31 August, a workspace can be booked up to 1 month in the future if desired

When a workspace is booked, we offer the option for recurrence. For example, the workspace will be booked every Monday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. The condition is that there is no other bookings at that time. The basic principle remains that bookings cannot overlap.

Are there activity-related workspots? Then it is useful that the employee can book various workspots in advance from 31 August. For example, a collaborative workspot on Monday, a double screen for graphic work on Wednesday and a sit-stand place on Friday.

By popular request, it is also possible to book a workspace anonymously from 31 August.

The options from 31 August in brief:

More bookings options in development

We continue to develop FlexWhere based on the wishes of customers. Think of booking a workspace for colleagues. For example, the department secretariat can quickly determine a workspot for someone from the team or for a guest.

We are also working on the possibility that an employee, for example a team leader, can book multiple desks for a group of colleagues. Another future functionality is a notification for the employee who is in a place where a booking is about to start or a desk that is blocked.

The booking option is not suitable for all organisations. That is why we are working on the option to disable it, which are just a few of the many functionalities with which we will expand FlexWhere in the coming period. Do you have specific wishes? Please contact us via or your account manager. We would like to hear more about your situation.